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Published: Saturday 01 December, 2012

When scientists first synthetically produced HGH, they didn't create the mythical "elixir of youth." They merely created a highly marketable product. Synthetic HGH fits right into modern society's dream of magic, no-effort, miracle cures. The very idea piles money into pharmaceutical companies and their million-dollar research schemes.

Synthetic HGH promises weight loss without effort, dieting, and exercise. Anti-aging specialist and his outrageous fees for synthetic-HGH injections is what you needs to do. As Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa writes in Brain Longevity, "Several of my patients report that it has helped them feel better, to lose weight and to think more clearly. Synthetic HGH is considerably more expensive than the other pharmaceutical drugs rejuvenating the body and brain.

Researchers are now studying the possible dangers of synthetic-HGH injections. Continuos use of it especially for people without deficiency in the hormone may not be safe. Young athletes often use synthetic-HGH injectionsto boost the performance. The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta were popularly dubbed as "Growth HormoneGames," due to the large amount of Olympic athletes usingsynthetic HGH. According to the Dr. Donal P. O'Mathuna of Thompson American Health Consultants,synthetic-HGH injections overdose young people withHGH causing headaches, fluid retention, insulin resistance and gynecomastia. Synthetic-HGH injections are not safe in later years also as body may not be deficient enough in HGH for synthetic-HGH injections without the risk of overdose.

Expensive and potentially dangerous injections of HGH are of no use for naturally production of HGH. Insead high anaerobic exercise enabling safely and inexpensively lose body fat with gain muscle mass shoud be applied. Health Ranger HGH ariticles, found on, will avail you the information how body produce high level of HGH on its own.

Body already has the natural ability to combat aging-associated weight gain by producing HGH. It just takes effort to release it.

So, which HGH supplements are recommended without any safety issues?

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