News; Notice: Discount Kigtropin Links (SAVE YOUR MONEY)

Published: Thursday 29 March, 2012

Discount Kigtropin Links :

<1> Buying  Discount

Buy 15 kits  kigtropin ,we will give you $110.00/kit

Buy 30 -50 Kits , we will give you $100.00/kit

Buy 100 kits, We will give you  $90.00/kit

The more you buy ,The more discount you have.

<2>Introduct Discount

If you can introduct your friend to buy from us. We can give you discount too.

2- 4 people  : $50.00 discount
5-10 people :  $100.00 discount
11-20 people:  $300.00 disocunt
21-50 people:  $500.00 discount

The more you introduct, The more discount you have. 
eg. If you have told your 20friends ,Please give your friends email to us to check. Then we will give the USD of product to you. or reduce the price of your order.

If YOU want to order without through website. You can contact us  with EMAIL :